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Tokala Extended Piano Theme Tokala Extended Piano Theme

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Stunning piece Steph. I'm glad to see you are still writing music. I took a gander at your MMORPG site and I must say that's quite a task to undertake! My company plans to do an MMO at some point but it probably won't be for many years! Until then I may be able to offer some words of wisdom if you are so inclined to ask. Cheers mate!

Jessismith responds:

Thank you, Corbet. :)
I saw your game company, and it looks awesome. Keep up the amazing work, my friend! :D

HYDRA - 3 Unfinished HYDRA - 3 Unfinished

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Geez man... I mean... My Brain just got punched by this epicness. Now I feel like I should submit some of my heavy metal or at least do a colab! I hope you are still working on music, dude. If you are, let me know where I can take a listen. Awesome work on this song.

P.S. Did you quantize the monophonic Guitar parts? If you didn't you should consider doing it. It will grant your mix a lot more clarity and precision. Peace!

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MattReeves responds:

Thanks man. I've always valued your reviews, because you make such awesome music, and I feel like we think on a similar plane, musically. I will message you soon about doing a collaboration, because that sounds incredible! I haven't posted a whole lot lately, and I'm going to school, so time is limited. As for quantizing, I actually recorded this song entirely in fruity loops with noticeable latency, haha. So basically, I had to play every note ahead of the beat. At first I didn't even realize it, and just thought I sucked. But once I figured it out, I decided it was time find something else to record with. After a lot of headaches and frustration, I bought a mac, and use logic now. So the short answer is no, but new stuff will be a lot tighter :)

Rectum Shredder Rectum Shredder

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That was raw, dude! I dig hard on the guitar tone and the drum beats. It sounds really fun to play. Keep up the great work, friend!

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Remembrance Remembrance

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Lovely piece, Ash. I can hear a great deal of epic potential in it. Could you get a new computer soon please???

-Back then- -Back then-

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Groovy as ****! Heck yea man! You did an amazing job on this piece and anyone who want to go from :( -----> :) should take a listen.

Keep raging on!

Misty Cove Misty Cove

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The major/minor modulation literally made me LoL. You rock man!

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LOTR Game Trailer Score LOTR Game Trailer Score

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Nothing short of epic my friend and I would expect nothing less. I noticed most concerns were on the samples and the mixing. I would have to agree that the mix is a little messy and could be even more riveting with some sound carving and clean up. The velocities also sound maxed out, but it could just be over compression. Aside from the mixing the piece itself rages hard! Keep it up Captain!

CaptinEpic responds:

thanks man i appreciate it, yeah i need to work on my mixing a lot more. i need to get a good grip on it for my next piece

Mad Man's Dance (piano) Mad Man's Dance (piano)

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Honest Feedback

First off I have to say, the piece hasn't got anything "atonal" going on. It does have some very chromatic flavors at times though :) If you want to test the waters of tonality, try to test it in your root chords. Rather than playing a triad or 7th try some diminished or block chords. The piece actually reminds me of Final Fantasy IX, which I really enjoyed. Your piece is filled with potential, keep it up and study some composers you really like in atonal music, if it is something you are really interested in. Take Care, John


VooDooCompositions responds:

Much thanks! And sorry for the misused word. As much as I love theory, I'm horrible with most terminology :P

Ragtime Experiment Ragtime Experiment

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More honest feedback

I really enjoyed this piece. The beginning of the piece shows you now how to imitate the style of ragtime. One thing that would enhance this piece a great deal is the recording. It's automated midi with very little change in the note velocity. The subtle changes in velocity that come from recording a piece by hand cannot be overlooked. If you can't play it that fast (I know I can't play this song that fast) then play it slow and then speed it up. The human touch brings an incredible amount of emotion with it.

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VooDooCompositions responds:

Thank you! Your kind words keep me wanting to write music lol. And know, I certainly couldn't play it that fast. Though, I may have access to people who can.

:Saving You: :Saving You:

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Come on!

Enough with the tease! I'm just kidding ;)

I can tell this piece has a great deal of potential and I am greatly anticipating the finished work. I'm especially interested in how you create your metric modulation. Keep it up! Cheers!

AshleyAlyse responds:

The tease... will NEVA STOP! >:D lol, kidding. :)
Thank you! :D I am actually thinking about separating it into two pieces instead, but I may still go along with the blending of two different time signatures together. :) Hm. Only time will tell, haha.